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A way to achieve emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being

Legacy is a way of life. Legacy is finding your own path – to live life to it's fullest and to connect with the universe, the people, the nature and everything. We emphasise following intuition and your inner voice in everyday life. Our aim is to help as many people as possible to evolve into the point where they can consciously create their own reality. We help people to make their lives happier and to heal from disease and illness.

Legacy is a perception of existence where a person is totally free of all outer and inner models (emotional, mental and behavioural). This gives the person an ability to see the life as it truly is: acting always according to the moment, free of any patterns distorting the real experience. Leagcy is to create one's own reality according to the true needs and desires of a person. Legacy is for everyone whether one seeks enlightenment, happier everyday life or creativity in arts or sciences. Legacy healing and Legacy training (courses) are the means to Legacy as a way of existence.

Legacy was born through the experiences of Maaret and Vesa. Legacy is the legacy of the soul. It is oneness, being one with soul, your own and every other soul . It is being one with the energy behind all energy, the source (of energy) as we call it.

What is important in our teachings is freedom. All our pupils and healing/life guiding clients are given a true choise in everything. We have great talent in helping people to evolve, reach and use their whole potential and beyond. We help you fulfill your dreams by letting you do this through your own personal experience. Through own perception which leads to true enlightenment. Why? Because when you truly experience yourself and hence create a true perception of yourself and everything around you, you are able to comprehend yourself. By inner realisation you create your own insight instead of using some model from outside. These outside models are always made by someone else. And by following these models one is not living her own life, but someone else´s. By making your own inner truth you reach your own potential instead of someone else´s.

About us
Vesa and Maaret are highly skilled and talented spiritual guides and healers. The core of our teaching is to find one's true inner self by letting all emotional, behavioural and thinking models go. These models are replaced with true belief and love in oneself, life and the universe. It is a real perception of oneself and life that is new in every second. Every moment is perceived as it trury is, free of past experiences in the forms of models. This means reaching enlightenment where you can see behind all personal and collective models, being truly free and one with all.

Our coaching leads the person living her life to the fullest, seeing behind the physical world and its concepts and to the ability to channel an enormous power of the source in everything, every day. Reaching a life where living can be easy while doing the things you love, getting what you want and need and realizing your dreams.

Maaret was born with many psychic abilities (e.g. The ability to see the past and the future, read minds, sense emotions and the presence of unphysical forms...). She worked as a clairvoyant for a while, but felt that she did not have a real chance to help people, because thay were mainly seeking ready answers in their lives, not wanting to make them better. After this Vesa and Maaret joined their forces and Legacy was born. Now Maaret is blooming as a spiritual teacher and a healer.

Vesa has become one of the best healers and teachers. Being a healer is his natural ability. Teaching is his passion and he has learned to use his higher senses to excell in this work. Vesa has a large toolbox of different healing techniques ranging from physical to deep spiritual healing.

We have been working in Finland and in Spain as healers and spiritual coaches. At the moment we are living in Finland where we moved from Spain where we had a Centre of Well-being. In addition to healing and coaching we are looking for people to start up the first School for the People of the New Era. The location of this school is still open and can be opened anywhere in the world where there are enough people willing and able to join their forces to make this happen.

Our goal is to heal and spread well-being to as many people as possible. As the 2 of us can only heal so many, we teach others how to do it as well.


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It is not easy to concentrate on your own well-being all the time, not to mention the well-being of the whole planet. We came up with a solution how you can help yourself and the world everyday with minimum effort, but maximum results. This is what we call




We are building a spiritual centre. Below you can find our thoughts on the matter.

If you are interested in participating in forming a place where one can reach enlightenment, oneness and be all you can be - please contact us.

The Spiritual Development Centre is for everyone seeking spiritual growth. It is a place for all who are seeking their path to both spiritual and mental well-being, harmony and a possibility for enlightenment. The Centre is a community where adults and children are given the opportunity to develope their spiritual abilities without being constrained, molested or bullied. Everyone is given a chance to find his/her own potential and to develop accordingly.


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